About Falcon Flight

Falcon Flight is an Aircraft Charter Company that specializes in providing reliable, comfortable, air service to and from Wyoming and Colorado non-stop to almost any airport throughout the all of the United States. For your charter flight you are exempted from the indignities of airline travel by arriving at your aircraft with your own vehicle where you are met by your experienced pilot. Most of your luggage is loaded into the pressurized cabin along with your pets that are also welcome. Drinks, snacks, reading material and entertainment are complimentary with custom catering available. Private relief facilities not available on some corporate and commuter aircraft are available on our aircraft.

You are in control of the flight and may discuss any flight discomfort or changes directly with your pilot. Falcon Flight will also assist with coordination of your ground transportation to meet your aircraft on arrival. Falcon Flight has flown over 30,000 passengers without losing a single piece of luggage and with a one hundred percent on-time departure and destination arrival reliability.

Our efficient aircraft, management and respect for our clients enables us to offer trip prices significantly lower than any other air charter operator serving these areas. Unlike other aircraft charter companies or aircraft fractional ownership programs we only charge for actual flight time (no extra tenths for taxi time), actual landing fees/expenses (not multiples) and do not add on fuel surcharges. In fact we will give you a 7.5% discount for fuel that you purchase for the flight and additional discounts for cash/check transactions and block time pre-purchases. Check our empty leg schedule for bargain flights. Please contact us 24/7 for charter quotes.